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Turning passion into mastery: Vik is our latest Master Colourist

Celebrate team efforts big - we are very excited to announce that Viktorija is our latest Goldwell Master Colourist. As Master Colourist Viktorija is joining the ranks of salon director Rachel, senior director Jaymie & creative director Dody in our Lazarou Duke Street Salon flagship store.

Goldwell’s Master Colourist program is an intense 6-weeks training programme designed to elevate a stylist’s colour understanding and application in order to navigate even the trickiest colour obstacles.

The programme was designed by a group of elite colourists focusing on the mastery of hair colour. Only a few stylists are able to complete the program every year.

We sat down with our fresh Master Colourist Vik to find her secret formula to her life as a stylist at Lazarou:

Viktorija at the Goldwell Academy receiving her Master Colourist trophy
Viktorija at the Goldwell Colour Academy receiving her Master Colourist trophy

Lazarou: Congratulations Vik, you are a Goldwell Master Colorist. What was the biggest learning you took away from the course?

Vik: The course made me realise how immensely versatile hair colour can be and how we can utilise the colours we have in our salon to achieve incredible results. The sky is the limit when it comes to hair colour and you are able to mix it correctly. Now I am excited to use my knowledge to achieve any colour my clients want.

The entire course was an absolute learning curve for me, it was such an intense time in my life but I am even prouder now to be a certified Master Colourist.

L: You achieved the Master Colourist training while working in our Duke Street Salon. That’s an incredible workload. What does it mean to you to be a Stylist at Lazarou?

V: I love our salon’s location, we are located in the centre of Wales, in the heart of Cardiff, just opposite Cardiff Castle, there is no greater location to be in.

Plus I love the mix of our clients and how busy they keep me.

L: What is the best part of your job?

V: My everyday motivation is to make clients happy, that’s why I became a stylist.

I also like a good challenge, and certain hair transformations can exactly be that.

If I can’t make a client happy, it makes me realise my shortcomings and the areas I need to improve on, that’s an incredibly powerful motivator.

Our clients are amazing and unique, I want to be able to offer a bespoke service to all of them. It makes my clients happy and lets me grow as a person.

L: What is the best thing about working at Lazarou?

V: We have a massive team, we are so different and have Everyone has a unique skillset, which is a great resource to learn from. If I have any problem, I know exactly who I can go to and I am able to share my knowledge at the same time. It is such an inspiring environment to be in.

Even tough we are so different, we treat each other like family: We love each other, help each other, have arguments and get over them together - just like in any family. In Lazarou people care about you, I am Lithuanian so it is a home away from home.

L: What is the one hair care product or tool you cannot live without?

V: Straighteners are my go-to. But really any high-end tool. I recently got the new VARIS IQ hairdryer and could not be without it. Once you use high-quality tools to style your hair, you never want to go back. It has huge benefits on someones hair and hair health and has elements to achieve the best hair results.

When it comes to products I always recommend conditioning and leave-in serums, they deeply nourish and replenish to bring the best out of the hair.

My two hero products are:

KMS’s Anti-humidity Seal, its the saviour for any humid, grey and rainy day and KMS’s quick blow-dry Spray, it speeds up the drying process while protecting the hair against heat damage.

L: One hair care tip everyone should know/live by?

V: When you can, use a salon-grade shampoo. It is the key to protecting your hair. Especially when it comes to ensuring the longevity of your salon colour, colour shampoo is a must. Plus, use heat protection at all times.

L: In your opinion, what is the next big hair trend?

V: Shades of red, amber, orange are definitely here to stay for the foreseeable future.

When it comes to cutting, we can definitely see a rise in short haircuts and any variation of choppy layers.

Congratulations again Vik to your achievement, we are immensely proud of you & cannot wait to see your colourful creations!

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