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Anna and Dody are our latest Goldwell Master Colourists

Updated: Apr 1

Congratulations to Anna Lazarou and Dody Constantinou, our latest Goldwell’s Master Colourists. Anna and Dody join the ranks of Salon Director Rachel, Senior Director Jaymie, Senior Stylist Viktorija and Senior Stylist Natasha - we now have an incredible amount of 6 Goldwell Master Colourists at Lazarou.

Goldwell’s Master Colourist program is an intense 6-weeks training programme designed to elevate a stylist’s colour understanding and application in order to navigate even the trickiest colour obstacles.

The programme was designed by a group of elite colourists focusing on turning a stylist's passion into the mastery of hair colour. Only a few stylists are able to complete the program every year and we are very proud to now have 6 Master Colourists in our Lazarou Cardiff Castle and Lazarou Talbot Green team.

The 6 weeks programme focuses on:

  • Hair Science and Consultation

  • Demi and permanent hair colour mastery,

  • Grey Coverage

  • Hair Lightening

  • Colour Correction and Colour Formulations

  • Elumen Mastery

  • Advanced Fashion Colouring and Model Workshop

After their final assessment:

(1) Anna Lazarou with educators Rachael Kelly and Brian Mccallum

(2) The 2024 Master Colourist graduates with their educators

(3) Dody Constantinou with educators Rachael Kelly and Brian Mccallum

To celebrate the occasion, we asked Anna and Dody about their experience of the Master Colourist course:

Lazarou: How would you describe your MCI journey?

Anna: The Master Colourist course was the best thing I have ever done. It has made me excited about doing hair again!

Dody: Intense but unforgettable! We got thrown into a whirlwind of workshops, presentations, and tests on Mondays and Tuesdays. Wednesday we went straight back to work to repeat the same process for 6 weeks. But you don’t learn without going through a little discomfort and at the same time I gained so much new knowledge and learned new techniques. We had a pair of fantastic educators in Rachael Kelly und Brian Mccallum and we were part of a great group of people. As hard as the MCI journey was, we had just as much fun on it. One of my highlights was definitely meeting hair goddess Beverly Cobella MBE.

Lazarou: How will your newly gained knowledge affect the way you work as a colourist?

Anna: The course has given me so much knowledge and completely changed how I look at colour and hair again.

Goldwell is incredible, the sky really has no limit when it comes to colour, anything is possible.

Dody: It changed the way I look at formulating colour from day one. I understand the product much better now and it also improved my application techniques.

Lazarou: Which element stood out most for you during your MCI course?

Anna: I am obsessed with the illumination side of the Goldwell colours - it is incredible how @pure pigments @illuminating colours can change hair colours within a sitting.

Dody: Learning about grey coverage, the Elumen range and lightening in more detail definitely showed me new possibilities in creating bespoke colours.

Lazarou: What was most enjoyable?

Anna: I truly enjoyed every single moment. Brian and Rachael were incredible teachers, their knowledge is unbelievable and very inspiring.

Dody: Spending the afternoon with Beverly C MBE and meeting everyone at Goldwell really stood out for me but really every moment was amazing.

Lazarou: What's next for you?

Anna: The experience definitely made me confident in achieving anything that comes my way. That actually motivated me to put myself out there more, I have just entered the UK Beauty Awards for Hair Extensionist of the year.

Dody: I will implement all I have learned into my work from day one and I am excited to help educate our younger team members, who are new to colour. At the same time I am excited to get back into competitions like Colour Zoom this year.

(1) The Goldwell Master Colourist Team: Graduates and trainers Rachael Kelly and Brian Mccallum

(2) Anna and Dody passed their final test with flying colours

(3) Dody meeting his idol Beverly C MBE

By successfully completing this program, Anna and Dody showcased their exceptional proficiency in colour services, ensuring that our Lazarou clients receive unparalleled expertise and personalised attention.

Anna and Dody, your achievement reflects your personal commitment to professional growth and your dedication to providing only the highest standards of hair colouring. We cannot be more proud and are very excited to see which colour transformations you will create and are very excited for our clients to experience your skillset.

If you would like to start your hair colour journey with Anna (at Lazarou Talbot Green) or Dody (at Lazarou Duke Street/Cardiff Castle), book your free hair consultation here.

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