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Welcome to our Lazarou Duke Street Salon aka Lazarou Cardiff Castle! 

We are a team of dedicated hair stylists and live by our motto: Your Hair, our Care! 

You can find us opposite Cardiff Castle, directly at the corner of Duke Street Arcade - one of Cardiff´s many beautiful Arcades. As family-run, independent local business we absolutely love our location and the place it gives us in Cardiff´s city centre and its community.

We are passionate about all things hair | Regular Hair Appointments

Hair is constantly exposed to external forces -  changing temperatures, heat styling devices or styling products, for example, cause hair damage, leaving your hair look dull.

Regular haircuts and revitalising hair pampering sessions are important to keep your hair healthy, shiny and strong. We recommend 6-8 weeks between your haircut appointments.

Plus a blow-dry, haircut or nourishing dual sense mask are speedy appointments that fit any schedule and will do wonders to your hairs health.

We love all things colour  | Hair Colouring Appointments

Balayage, Highlights, Lowlights, Root Colour, Bleach, Global Hair colour all-over, Face Frames or Money Pieces (trend alert!), the choice is yours! On top of that you can book our colour refreshes in between your colour appointment to keep your hair colour vibrant, shiny and full of life.

Have you ever tried creating that latest hair colour trend at home and it went terribly wrong? We also offer colour correction appointments - read here an example of one of our colour correction appointments - to save your DIY box dye project.

We like to go the extra mile | Hair Extensions

From short to long and voluminous: Real Human Hair Extensions found their way into our salon and into our hearts. Incredible hair transformations from thin strands to voluminous and long hair, all is possible now. We use weft weaves and tape extensions in our salon, which we adapt to your hair needs.

It is an exciting journey - from the initial consultation, hair colour adaptation, to the extension fitting appointment. Especially important is the extension aftercare at home and the maintenance appointments in our salon to keep your hair extensions looking their best. Our extension specialists will be here for you along your whole hair extension journey. 

Find out more here: Cardiff Hair Extensions | Lazarou Duke Street | Lazarou Cardiff Castle

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Lazarou Hair Group combines modern hairdressing and barbering with expertise since 1996
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Monday 9am - 6pm 

Tuesday  9am - 6pm
Wednesday 9am - 7.30pm

Thursday 9am - 7pm
Friday 9am - 7pm
Saturday 9am - 5pm



We are here for you right from the start | Free Consultation

Are you overwhelmed by the choice or end up asking yourself:

What hair colour suits me best?

Which haircut is best for my face shape?

Or basic questions like which hair type do I have?

And which hair products should I use?

Book in for a free consultation (via our online booking system here) with one of our stylists and let us find the right hair colour to fits your skin tone, discuss your personal hair goals or if the the latest hair trend would suit you. We are here to discuss any hair-related question you might have.

Your health always comes first

Please book your patch test/skin allergy test before your first colour appointment at our salon. We need to make sure that you will not have any allergic reaction to the ammonia in our colours. This needs to be done at least 48h before your hair colour appointment, is valid for 6 months and can ideally be done with one of our free consultations. Good news is: We do have ammonia free hair colour and will talk you through all options. 


More value for less - our Lazarou Duke Street offers: Have you seen our discounts yet? From our two colour offers Colour Wednesday and Balayage Frenzy Friday, to our under 16 discount, student discount, our NHS offer as massive thank you for the incredible work done by NHS staff or our senior citizen discount. For further details and all T&Cs see our offers page here.


We are advocates for: Self-care is the ultimate form of self-love. Especially when times are uncertain, focusing on your own wellbeing is a great coping mechanism. Whether a nourishing and hair strengthening dual senses hair mask as pick-me-up or a Sunday pampering session, we are here to take care of you and your hair.


Part of our community

We do our best to be an active part of the community we live in. Recently we have organised our Today for Tomorrow raffle  in support of Cancer Research Wales. We also love supporting our clients who donate their hair to the Little Princess Trust or organise Barberthon.

We are constantly on the look for new projects, if you know of a great cause or community work worth supporting, please let us know.


Do you need some inspiration?

Browse through our Instagram feed @lazaroudukestreet or watch our stylists/hairdressers in action on our YouTube feed below: Follow a hair colour journey and box dye hair colour correction from green box dye to a peach pastel rose balayage, take a glimpse behind our Colour Wednesday or watch an intro of how we keep you safe during Covid.

Your satisfaction is our priority

Exceeding our client's expectations is our key focus. In case you are not completely satisfied with the service we provided and/or would like to share feedback with us, please see our complaints policy here. This allows for a transparent and just treatment for all. 

Our Team

Our ethos has always been to offer quality over quantity. We stay true to this especially with the help of our education and recruitment process, employing and training some of the most talented hair specialists across South Wales:


Our customer service has allowed us to grow our brand and expand to other parts of South Wales. An example of our customer care can be found within our product policy: If a product does not meet your expectations, we happily give a full refund or swap it for a new product. 

Adding only quality products to quality hair treatments and haircuts  is a vital part of our attitude:

Cutting hair, not cutting corners.

Cardiff Hair Extensions

Service Spotlight: Hair Extensions

Are you looking for the best hair extensions in Cardiff? Welcome to one of Cardiff’s leading hair extensions salons. Our team of hair extensions specialists help you create your ideal hairstyle: from long lengths, added volume to colourful hair extension pieces for an upcoming festival or event. Let’s embark on your hair extension journey together.

Hair Extension Styling

Transform your look with our professional hair extension styling service. Our experienced stylists will create a seamless blend of your natural hair and extensions, giving you the length and volume you desire. Whether you want a sleek and straight style or glamorous curls, we can make it happen.

Hair Extension Maintenance

Keep your hair extensions looking flawless with our maintenance service. We offer regular maintenance appointments to ensure your extensions stay in perfect condition. Our experts will reposition, tighten, and refresh your extensions, making them last longer and maintain their natural look.

Hair Extension Removal

When it's time to remove your hair extensions, trust our skilled team to do it safely and efficiently. We use gentle techniques to remove the extensions without causing any damage to your natural hair. Say goodbye to your extensions with confidence, knowing that your hair will be left healthy and beautiful.



The Hair

We are always on the look-out for the best quality hair extensions and only work with 100% real human (remy) hair extensions

Remy hair is considered the finest quality of human hair: The cuticles are kept intact which allows our technicians to align the hair cuticle in the hairs natural direction achieving a natural look and feel of the extensions. 

With over 200 hair colours to choose from, we can deliver the best (most accurate) match to your natural hair.

The Price

Our hair extensions service is bespoke to every client, the price is upon initial consultation and:

+ depends on the number of extensions you would like to have fitted

+  potential colour matching and 

+ the fitting rate of your Extension technician. 

The Hair we use
Extension Price

Hair Extension Journey


Come in for a consultation


Book your appointment


in for your
Extension Appointment


Take good care of your hair


Let's refit & reshape


We are here to help

To us your wellbeing and your hair health are most important:
We use the safest application methods for your hair extensions. All our extension technicians are fully trained in providing the service and will guide you through your entire extension experience:

In an initial (free of charge and non-obligatory) consultation our specialists will talk you through the extension journey, we will discuss your ideal hair look, the appropriate amount of extension pieces to fit, your target hair colour shade as well as the appropriate extension application technique that fits your hair and lifestyle. If you are happy to go ahead with the appointment we will order your hair extensions directly after your consultation.

Let’s book your ideal hair appointment: We operate from Monday to Saturday and one of our extension specialists is always in the salon to ensure maximum availability.

Please be aware that we can only book your hair extension appointments after the initial consultation as we then know how long your appointment will take and can allocate the right time slot for you.

The heart of the journey,  ie. your hair extension appointment: Long, luscious locks in the making!

The right aftercare and maintenance of your extensions are a key element to keep your hair strands looking healthy and shiny. We will talk you through all there is to know plus give you a take-home leaflet with all important steps.

Following your extension appointment we will give you a complimentary aftercare set worth £35 consisting of shampoo and conditioner. Our sulphate-free range is full of antioxidants that protect your hair against environmental pollutants. 
The products are gentle to your hair, your health and the planet, we work with KMS’s Conscious Style Range - A conscious choice for your haircare routine.  

Refit appointment: Depending on your chosen extension technique (tape vs nano rings) and the appropriate maintenance by yourself, your extension can last between 12-18 months. 

In case you have any questions, please always reach out to us.


Our Fitting Techniques

Our salon specialises in the art of tape and nano ring extensions:


Tape Hair Extensions | Russian/Mongolian Double Drawn Tape Hair Extensions

The features of our 100% human remy hair tape extensions are:

  1. Double Drawn

  2. Remy Cuticle Correct

  3. Length Ranges - 18''-20'' and 20''-22''

  4. Straight Style

  5. 4cm Per Section

  6. Hair Life Span of Up To 12-18 Months, with the correct aftercare & maintenance

  7. Available in over 200 colour shades


Nano Hair Extensions | Russian/Mongolian Double Drawn Nano Hair Extensions

The features of our 100% human remy hair nano ring extensions are:

  1. Double Drawn

  2. Remy Cuticle Correct

  3. Thick bond weights

  4. 20 Strands Per Bundle

  5. Straight Style

  6. Hair Life Span Of Up To 12-18 Months - with the correct aftercare & maintenance


What kind of hair do you use for your hair extensions at Lazarou Duke Street?
We use 100% human remy hair, which is double-drawn.

a. What is remy hair?

Remy hair is considered the finest quality of human hair: The cuticles are kept intact which allows our technicians to align the hair cuticle in the hairs natural direction achieving a natural look and feel of the extensions. 
b. What is the difference between single-drawn and double-drawn extensions?

Extensions are strands of hair sewn into wefts. Single-drawn extensions are thicker on the top and thin out towards the end.

Double drawn extensions are fuller, all hair is nearly the same length and the same thickness from the root to the tip of the extension strand to achieve a full, volumous body of hair.

What are tape hair extensions?
Tape hair extensions are made up of small wefts of hair that are attached to a tape strip. The tape is then applied to the natural hair, sandwiching the weft between two strips of adhesive tape. This method creates secure and natural-looking extensions that lay flat against the scalp. Tape hair extensions can be styled and washed like natural hair.

What are nano hair extensions?
Nano hair extensions use tiny, bead-like rings that are used to attach individual strands of hair to the natural hair. Nano hair extensions are made using a special technology that allows for a very thin and lightweight extension strand, which means they are easy on the natural hair while creating a natural look.

How long will my extensions last?

Our double-drawn remy hair extensions have a life-span of up to 12-18 months depending on the appropriate aftercare and maintenance.

The right aftercare is as much a commitment of our technician to fit your extensions with utmost care and expertise as well as your commitment to look after them outside the salon.

How much will my hair extensions cost?

Our extension service is unique to every client as we adept the extensions to fit your natural hair and lifestyle. The pricing reflects that and depends on the amount of hair extensions we will order for you, the time it takes to fit them and the colour matching.



Our team of hair extensions technicians will work with you to choose the perfect styles and colours to complement your natural hair. Book now and take the first step to your best hair yet!


Woodbank House is nestled in the Usk Valley and set within 20 acres of mature grounds and woodland on the banks of the River Usk. 

Bespoke and intimate weddings for up to 100 guests are a speciality for this boutique country venue.

Woodbank, Llanhennock, Monmouthshire, NP18 1LU


Jack R.

Fantastic customer service, quality barbers/stylists. Able to meet every request without any problems. James gave me a sick cut last time I was there, great banter but also very professional about his work. Will definitely come back!!!

Orne kms

Modern salon with lovely, staff and amazing prices! If you want a stylist that knows exactly what you asked for and more.. ask for Tina ❤ loved it there

Ellen A.

Lovely place and lovely stuff who are great at what they do! Ceri was absolutely amazing and transformed my hair to exactly what I asked for, couldn’t recommend her enough! Will definitely be coming back, especially as it’s such good value for money too!

Gemma W.

Can’t thank Rachel and Ceri at Lazarou enough ! I came into the salon and couldn’t of been happier with the outcome !😍 so friendly and made me feel at home will definitely be coming back already booked my next appointment Xx

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