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Rachel Lazarou and Robert Brooks nominated as National Finalists at the Global Creative Awards

Celebrating Excellence: Rachel Lazarou and Robert Brooks - National Creative Haircutter Finalists at the Global Creative Awards

National Creative Haircutting Finalists Robert Brooks and Rachel Lazarou are standing at the entrance of Lazarou Duke Street Hair Salon, at the entrance to Duke Street Arcade
Rachel Lazarou and Robert Brooks are nominated National Creative Haircutter Finalists at the Global Creative Awards

In the world of hairstyling, creativity knows no boundaries, and our very own Rachel Lazarou and Robert Brooks have proven just that! We are thrilled to announce their nomination as finalists in the National Creative Haircutter category at the esteemed Global Creative Awards. This recognition is a testament to their exceptional talents, dedication, and relentless pursuit of innovation in the field of hairstyling.

Before the announcements of the winners on a national level this coming weekend in London, we have spoken with Rachel and Rob about their great achievement:

(1) Lazarou: A massive congratulations to the two of you, what a great achievement! How did you both feel when you learned about your nomination as finalists in the National Creative Haircutter category at the Global Creative Awards?

Rachel: Really excited! Since the announcement there is a real buzz in the salon. Everyone is extremely supportive, and it really is a mixture of feeling: nervous, happy, and full of anticipation all at once!

Rob: It was an amazing feeling not just for myself but for the whole Lazarou Team.

(2) Lazarou: The Global Creative Awards is a prestigious competition with participants from around the world. What do you think sets your creative hair cutting techniques apart and earned you this nomination?

Rachel: Everyone is so unique in their creative approach. For me, it's all about finding inspiration in unexpected places. For instance, working across Cardiff Castle, the combination of geometrical shapes inspired me to create my haircut.

Rob: I have experienced and learned a lot throughout my 34 years in the hair industry having worked for some of the leading salons in the UK and I think I am still eager to push boundaries with my passion and creativity.

(3) Lazarou: Being nominated alongside industry luminaries such as Stevan Dulay and Jacob Scully must be incredibly gratifying. How do you feel about being recognised among such accomplished professionals?

Rachel: It is a tremendous privilege, and I feel both proud and humbled to be recognised alongside such accomplished professionals. It is truly inspiring to be part of this league.

Rob: I feel incredibly proud at 50 years of age still creating looks competing against younger talented hairdressers I was doing competitions when I was their age and still doing them now.

(4) Lazarou: The Global Creative Awards is not just a competition but also an opportunity for participants to learn from each other and exchange ideas. What are you most looking forward to in this regard?

Rachel: I am excited to see how other stylists turned their visions into reality and to exchange ideas about future projects. The beauty of this industry is its constant evolution, and learning from others is invaluable.

Rob: I am always looking for inspiration, which you get from other stylists. Antony Mascolo once said to me “what’s new today, is old tomorrow” and it is so true.

(5) Lazarou: Could you share with us some insights into your creative process when coming up with innovative hair cutting styles? Where do you draw inspiration from?

Rachel: I draw inspiration from various sources, but the current fashion trends always inspire me. I also love challenging myself; for example, I recently completed a Master Colourist course, which broadened my understanding of colour techniques.

Rob: I get my inspiration from music, magazines, and a vision when I look at a model in front of me and draw all my experience to create a stunning look.

(6) Lazarou: Throughout your careers, you have pushed the boundaries of hair cutting and styling. Can you tell us about a particularly challenging or groundbreaking project or moment that you are proud of?

Rachel: Accomplishing my Master Colourist course was definitely one of them. It is a 6 weeks intense colour course, which I thoroughly enjoyed as it challenged and broadened my understanding of colour techniques to equal measures. I get to use the information everyday.

Rob: One of my proudest moments was when I had the opportunity to work with Tony&Guy, opening my own franchise in Windsor. I had to present 12 models in front of the Tony&Guy Artistic Team in London, and it was a monumental achievement for me.

(7) Lazarou: The Global Creative Awards ceremony is highly anticipated, and attendees from around the world are eager to see the top winners in each category. How are you preparing for the big day?

Rachel: We are planning to share our excitement on social media, and amongst the team we have regular meetings to discuss our preparations and expectations. We can't wait for the big day!

Rob: I am excited to be involved and I am just going with the flow.

(8) Lazarou: The Global Creative Awards encompass various categories. Are there any specific hair cutting techniques or styles you would like to explore or master in the future?

Rachel: As hairstylists current fashion trends always inspire us, so my focus is to keep up to date with them and to continuously improve my skills.

Rob: I have never been particularly interested in colour, mainly because I am colour blind. However, I would love to explore more avant-garde hairstyles. It is a real art form that I am eager to learn more about.

(9) Lazarou: As finalists in the National Creative Haircutter category, you inspire aspiring hair stylists. What advice would you give to those just starting in the industry?

Rachel: My advice would be to watch as many stylists as you can. Pick bits out of everyone you think they are good at.

Rob: My advice would be to watch, to learn and to believe in yourself. Be confident, not arrogant. Never stop learning. That is the key to success in this industry!

(10) Lazarou: This nomination is undoubtedly a milestone in your careers. Looking ahead, what are your aspirations for the future?

Rachel: To go bigger and better.

Rob: With the new Lazarou Art Team, I am now the head of creative cutting. My goal is to inspire the rest of the team and take part in more competitions in the future. Watch this space!

At Lazarou Duke Street, we couldn't be prouder of Rachel and Rob for their outstanding achievement as National Creative Haircutter Finalists at the Global Creative Awards. Their dedication, creativity, and passion for the art of hairstyling continue to inspire us all. We eagerly anticipate their future projects and are excited to see what the Lazarou Hair Creative Team will bring to the world of hairstyling. Congratulations, Rachel and Rob, on this well-deserved recognition!

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