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Andreas Lazarou appoints Dody Constantinou to head the newly formed Lazarou Art Team

At Lazarou Hair Duke Street, we are thrilled to announce an exciting addition to our team that promises to take our creativity and innovation to unprecedented levels. Andreas Lazarou, managing director of Lazarou Hair Duke Streets, has appointed Dody Constantinou as the head of the newly formed Lazarou Art Team. This appointment marks the beginning of an exciting journey for us, as we delve into local and global hair competitions, showcasing our team's creativity and skills.

Andreas Lazarou (standing on the left) with Dody Constantinou (standing on the right) in front of Lazarou Hair Duke Street, a local hair salon and barbershop in Cardiff (Wales, UK)
Andreas Lazarou (left) appoints Dody Constantinou (right) to head newly formed Lazarou Art Team

Andreas Lazarou shares his excitement about the new appointment, saying, "I am thrilled to have Dody Constantinou head our art team. With his creative vision, approachable personality, and extensive experience in competing, I am confident that Dody and the team will create innovative hairstyles that will not only win competitions but also dazzle audiences."

Dody Constantinou is a true champion in the world of hairdressing, boasting an impressive record of multiple awards and accolades throughout his career. With over two decades of experience in national and international championships, his dedication to the craft is truly exceptional.

Some of Dody's greatest achievements include:

- British Champion in 2001 and an astonishing seven additional titles thereafter.

- British Champion in Lady’s Creative Hair in 2009.

- Serving as the Junior and Senior Trainer for the British World Cup Team in 2008.

- Being part of the Junior Squad that clinched victory in the World Cup.

Now, Dody Constantinou is set to lead a team of exceptionally talented Lazarou hair stylists and barbers who share his unwavering commitment to excellence in hair coloring, cutting, and styling. In his own words, Dody expressed his honor and enthusiasm, saying, "I am honored to be leading the Lazarou Art Team. I look forward to collaborating with our talented stylists and barbers, and together, we will create hairstyles that inspire people worldwide."

Our new journey begins with the Global Creative Awards in May 2023, where our team will showcase their creativity on a global stage. On a national level, our team will submit their work in various categories, including Salon Team of the Year, New Talent Colorist of the Year, Men's Hairstylist of the Year, Creative Haircutter of the Year, and Creative Colorist of the Year. Gold winners at the national level will earn the opportunity to compete in the international live competition in Chicago.

As we embrace this exciting new chapter, it's essential to acknowledge the Lazarou family's significant influence in the UK's hairdressing and barbering industry since 1966. Today, the Lazarou family proudly manages the Lazarou Hair Group, encompassing multiple hair salons and barber shops across South Wales. Renowned for our innovative and creative approach to hairdressing, we have garnered numerous prestigious hairdressing awards over the decades.

Stay tuned for the exciting journey of the Lazarou Art Team, we cannot wait to share more soon!

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