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Hot & Trendy: Our go-to hairstyles this summer

After “summer-proofing” your hair care routine, it is now time to enjoy the summer: Keep feeling gorgeous with our round-up of the top looks to breeze through the holidays and beyond. These hairstyles will help you withstand any weather condition, from hot and stuffy air to humid, rainy weather.

1 | Waves

Easy to style and easy to maintain, waves are our favourite look this summer. Especially in a beachy windblown look, waves make every summer outfit look cool.

Instead of using heat from a straightener or curler, give your hair a break and apply sea salt spray or mousse instead.

Massage a small amount of the product in the lower part of your hair, this will be enough to give your hair effortlessly stylish waves without weighting down your hair too much. No product at all? Braid your wet hair overnight - the smaller the braided section, the wavier the hair.

No one styles wavy hair as iconic, chic and stylish as Blake Lively:

©Getty Images

2 | Ponytail

The most iconic hairstyle is here to stay - ponytails are our easy go-to hairstyle when time is short and your hair a mess. This season the ponytail comes in various forms:

Balloon ponytails are relatively new, trendy and functional at once. Section off your hair by using colourful ribbons and fluffing each hair segment.

Maria Menounos | ©Getty Images

For a more dramatic look, take your hair back in a sleek ponytail. This sophisticated, yet perfectly wearable pony will keep you look cool and classy all-day long.

Give the traditional ponytail an edge by wrapping a hair strain around your hair and tie it with bobby pins. This style is an easy way of taking your ponytail from day to night. (Wrapped Ponytail)

For all wavy but not too wavy ladies out there, embrace your natural hair structure and take your hair up to a tousled ponytail. Lean back when taking your hair up to add volume, tie your hair high up and loosen the front section of your hair to create an effortlessly looking “va-va-voom” ponytail.

Amy Adams | © Getty Images

Or you could give your ponytail a romantic twist by adding braided sections in any kind of form. (Braided Ponytail)

Our top tip for styling any kind of ponytail: Texturizing spray – its lightweight texture but strong hold helps you build definition, hold and a pliable finish.

3 | Braids and Bunches

Messy side braids, intricate bunches, tight twin plaits – set your creativity free, the number of hair styles is endless. Braids and bunches make a stylish and practical statement in the sun. They are styled within minutes, help to keep your hair out of your face, look super chic and will leave you ready for any occasion.

What about combining beach waves with loose braids, like all-time favourite Jessica Alba shows:

Jessica Alba
©Getty Images | VCG

4 | Accessories

From international runways to your local home, hair accessories rule the beauty and fashion scene at the moment. They come in various forms, shapes and sizes to upstyle any kind of hair style – try complementing flowing locks or perfecting an up-do with pearl clips, floral or crystal headbands. They are quick, fun, easy to use and extremely functional at the same time.

Fashion Icon, Designer and Influencer Alexa Chung shows how to rock hair accessories:

From beachy waves to sleek high ponytails, the hairstyles above help you tackling any bad hair day, so get your scrunchies and bobby pins out and get ready to style.

For more hair inspiration visit our social media channels (Instagram/lazaroudukestreet; facebook/lazaroucitycentre) or book in for a free consultation with one of our Lazarou hair experts.

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