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Your summer hair in 4 easy steps

Sun, fun and the beach – as much as we love summer, heat, chlorine and the sea breeze can leave the hair frizzy and damaged. And nothing is worse than feeling uncomfortable for the hairy mess on your head when you simply want to enjoy every moment of this sunny season.

We´ve spoken to our hair experts at Lazarou and summarized 4 hair hacks that will leave your hair healthy, strong and shiny – ready for any pool party, event or romantic candle light dinner at the beach.

1 | Protection is key

Just like we protect our skin from the sun, our hair needs the same kind of care. Summer days mean the hair is exposed to strong sun rays the majority of the day. High concentrations of UV light break down the protein in the hair strand, leaving it dry, dull and brittle.

Sun protection products are our remedy: Goldwell´s Dualsenses Sun ReflectsLeave-In Protect Spray was especially developed for sun-exposed hair. It includes UV protection filters that shield the hair from any over exposure, it nourishes the hair deeply and leaves it healthy and shiny. Goldwell´s Sun Reflects mask is an ideal after-sun treatment to rebalance the hair´s structure literally overnight.

2 | Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize

When it comes to hair in the summer, an extra bit of moisture nourishes the hair and prevents it from going frizzy in humid weather. Invest in high quality hair care products which are especially formulated to support the hair in changing environments.

KMS Moist Repair or Tame Frizz Series moisturizes, repairs, conditions, detangles and balances moisture loss. It restores the hair´s natural construction and helps it regrow strong and healthy.

For an extra boost of moisture apply Moroccanoil either as intensive hair treatment partly or all over the hair.

3 | Go with the flow

Why not embrace your natural hairstyle this summer? Avoid additional heat from hairdryers, straighteners or curlers and give your hair time to cool down. Products like sea salt spray come in handy as it underlines your hair´s natural structure for that beachy waves look.

If that is not enough for you, why not try this new trendy hair cut you have been dreaming about? Summer is the perfect time for a layered cut or fancy bob that makes styling care-free and easy.

4 | Be “en vogue”

Fashion plays in our favour this year: Satin ribbons, silky scrunchies, trendy hair scarfs or clips are back in fashion and make it super fun and easy to create any type of hair style – from a casual hair style to sophisticated up does.

Nothing says more “summer ready” than a new hair colour, like a full-head or half-head balayage in a sun kissed blonde or soft peachy pink. Book a free consultation with one of our stylists, who help you find the ideal colour that underlines your natural type.

So, whichever route you take to get your hair ready for summer make sure to find the right style and products for you, no unnecessary headache needed. Whenever or wherever you need support, we are here to help – book in now or call us anytime for your next consultation or appointment.

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