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Trend Alert: Money Pieces

Happy Friday everyone!

You might have seen it on our Instagram or Facebook feed already, Money Pieces officially found their way into our salon. Traditionally hidden as face frames within a balayage service, money pieces became a trend at the end of 2019 when Beyoncé introduced the look to the wider public. A few months later, we know:

Money Pieces are here to stay!

A splash of light

A Money Piece is a lighter hair section around your front hairline, typically starting at the roots all the way to the ends of the hair strand. It accentuates your hair colour, draws attention to your face and enhances your facial features. 

Versatile look & easy to maintain 

Money Pieces are a bright addition to any base colour, they are a touch of colour without going full-on hair dye. The hairstyle is incredibly versatile, the colour choices endless and really up to personal preference: From a more subtle colour shade in line with the rest of your hair colour to an edgier bold statement colour contrasting to the rest of your hair.

What is the difference between a Money Piece and Face Frame?

Usually a face frame is used in combination with a balayage and blends in nicely with the rest of your hair colour/highlights. It is usually 2-3 shades lighter than your base colour, so it creates the right degree of contrast and lightening to your hair colour. 

Money Pieces can be more of a stand-alone colour statement.


Here are a few inspirations for this very flattering, low maintenance look:

From top left to bottom right:

(1) Bleach Blonde Money Piece

(2) Warm Blonde Money Piece

(3) Face Frame & Half-Head Balayage

(4) Face Frame & Half-Head Balayage


Did you find a style you like? Great, let´s bring that sun-kissed look into the next season. 

Here is how you need to book the Money Piece service:

(1)Select “Money Piece” on our online Booking system

(2)Add a "Toner"

(3)Choose your finish: Fancy a bouncy blow dry or fresh trim, no problem!

We cannot wait to see you and try this trend look on your hair!


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