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2024 Haircut Trends: Reviving Retro, Reimagining Classics, and Simplifying Style

Welcome to 2024, where hair trends are a wonderful fusion of retro revival, natural textures, and low-maintenance styles. At Lazarou, we're all about embracing these trends and making them yours as “Your Hair is Our Care”. So, let's dive in!

1. The Mini Bob: A Bold Statement

This year, we're seeing a resurgence of the mini bob, a daring style that ranges from cheekbone to jawline length. It is versatile and perfect for those who love to experiment. Think blunt cuts softened with waves or a sleek, polished look. It is a versatile look to be styled with blunt cuts or softened with waves and curls, making it a perfect choice for various occasions.

2. Flutter with Style: The Butterfly Bob

The butterfly bob is a current twist on the classic bob. The hairstyle is all about layers and movement, similar to the fluttering wings of a butterfly. The hairstyle is romantic and playful, with heavy layers and shorter pieces framing the face. 

3. The Stevie: Boho Vibes

Paying homage to the 70s rock icon Stevie Nicks, "The Stevie" is a softer, more bohemian version of the classic seventies shag cut. Think long, flowing layers with a less structured feel allow for a laid-back vibe.

4. Chic and Sleek: The Kitty Cut

From last year’s trending butterfly cut or wolf cut, the Kitty Cut is set to be one of the biggest haircut trends of 2024: The Kitty Haircut is a sleeker, sophisticated style with layers that creates a feline silhouette. It is all about soft layers that gently fall around the shoulders create a polished yet feminine look. The haircut is elegant, refined and a modern update on the shoulder-grazing bob. 

5. Cosmic Beauty: Lunar Harmony Hair

2024 introduces a unique trend: Lunar Harmony Hair. This style synchronises haircuts and hair colours with the lunar phases for stronger, shinier, healthier hair. This trends suggests to be more than a style, it is an experience that blends cosmic timing with personal expression.

As the trend unfolds, we are happy to report more throughout 2024.

6. Modern Halo Cut: Angelic Dimension

The Halo Cut adds a unique twist to the classic bob. By cutting the hair shorter around the crown, it creates a halo-like effect, adding both dimension and texture to the hair.

7. The Bixie Cut: Edgy yet Feminine

Can't decide between a pixie and a bob? The Bixie Cut is your answer. This artful style combines short, textured pieces at the back with longer, face-framing layers at the front.

8. Retro Revival: Iconic 2024 Haircuts

The Retro Revival of 2023 is here to stay for 2024. This year is all about nostalgic throwbacks with a modern twist. The Shag Haircut, Modern Mullet, Textured Bob, and Curtain Bangs are all enjoying their moment in the spotlight. Each style is being reinvented with a contemporary edge, making them perfect for those who appreciate a bit of a retro charm.

2024 is a year of diverse hair trends, blending past and present, simplicity with sophistication, and personal style with cultural nostalgia. Whether you are opting for a Butterfly Bob or prefer the understated elegance of the Kitty Cut, there is something for everyone this year. Embrace these trends and find the one that speaks to you!

Our stylists also offer personalised consultation in case you haven't decided which hair trend is the right one for you. We cannot wait to see you soon!

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