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Bold & Creative: These are the Hair Trends that take centre stage in spring 2023

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

It is the beginning of a new season, so it's time to take a look at the latest hair trends that are sweeping the hair industry. Andreas Lazarou – managing director of Lazarou Duke Street Hair Salon & Barbers Cardiff – observes trends as part of his profession:

“This year, we are seeing a return to more creative, eye-catching styles that allow individuals to express themselves in unique and unconventional ways. From daring hair colours to bold new cuts, 2023 is all about breaking free from convention and embracing one's individuality. At the same time we see some classic haircuts return in the form of mullets, volumous blow-dries and bob haircuts in all their variety.

We have seen it in 2022 already: Retro inspired haircuts are back. The 70-s inspired shag cut is in vogue in more diversely layered, texturized versions. Shag haircuts are especially handy as they require less time to style, so whether a curly shag, a long shag or shaggy mullet with curtain bangs, everything is possible. A key to finding the right haircut is to choose a style that fits a client’s facial structure, hair type and ultimately lifestyle.

Client is looking to the left showing her new bold bob haircut, her hair colour is a bleach blonde shade
2023 is about reinventing the classics | ©Salon Director Rachel

The classic bob is still going strong in 2023 with more individuals embracing the classic, chic style. However, this year's bobs are bolder and more asymmetrical, with sharp angles and playful layers. Additionally, we are seeing a rise in buzz cuts and undercuts, which allow individuals to showcase their facial features while adding an edgy twist to their hairstyle.

The traditional pixie cut will be elevated with added layers, a fringe and bright haircolours.

We also embrace the beauty of natural hair textures and emphasise them with braids, twists and locks. When it comes to styling, texture is key this year, with beachy waves and soft curls being a popular choice. Braids are also making a comeback, with intricate and creative braids being sported on the runway and in the streets.

One of the biggest hair colour trends of 2023 is the resurgence of vibrant: vibrant hues such as electric blue, neon pink, and bright purple. These bold colours are perfect for individuals who are looking to make a statement and stand out from the crowd. Additionally, we are seeing a rise in natural and earthy tones, like honey blonde and copper red, which add warmth and dimension to existing hair colour.

(1) Copper, red, ginger tones are a big hair colour trend in spring 2023 | ©Senior Director Jaymie

(2) Bold colours are perfect for individuals who are looking to make a statement | ©Lazarou Duke Street

(3) Blonde is here to stay in 2023 | ©Senior Stylist Laney

A good indication for trends in the upcoming year are Hollywood Red Carpet Events. The Oscars in 2023 were nothing short of trendsetting:

From Rhianna’s graphic updo, Lily James’ 90’s inspired slick-back updo, Florence Pugh’s faux pixie fringe, Ashley Graham’s Y2K inspired braided updo or Michelle Yeoh’s natural waves - all these hairstyles will play a role in 2023.”

With these new trends taking centre stage in 2023, it is an exciting time for those looking to switch up their hairstyle and make a statement. Whether a pop of colour or a daring new haircut, now is the time to embrace individuality in all its forms and make hair a statement. If you want to spruce up your hairstyle, book your appointment or free consultation with a member of our team at Lazarou Duke Street Salon & Barbers.

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