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In this together | Our steps regarding COVID-19

Global events are keeping us busy. In times like these we truly believe in the importance of coping mechanisms in the form of self-care. Turning to one´s own health and wellbeing is vital. This is our WHY, our reason to still be open at the moment. We quickly wanted to reach out to keep you up-to-date on what is happening in our salon.


At the moment, we are still open, up and running until told differently by public authorities. In light of COVID-19, we follow the advice given by local health authorities closely and give our best to provide a safe environment for our clients to come to and our team to work in:


Any of our team members or clients are advised to not visit our salon in case they are experiencing cold or flu-like symptoms. Thank you again to anyone following this advice!

Increased sanitization

We have increased our sanitization processes throughout the shop to keep high contact points clean. Hand sanitizer, antibacterial wipes and tissues are available throughout the salon to use at anyone´s convenience.

Social Distance

Social Distancing can have many forms, to us it means using all our available rooms to help avoid a crowded salon and make you feel at ease.

Going Cashless?

We do still accept cash as we do not want to create a restrictive environment but would prefer a contactless payment method if possible.

Looking Forward

As much as the world is spinning with concerning news at the moment, with all precautions in place and utmost care possible, we´d like to look forward as well. On Sunday we celebrate Mother´s Day. What better time to tell a mother-like figure in your life how much she means to you. In case you are still looking for a present, why not give them some time for self-care and love? We can create bespoke vouchers for any point in the future and send them via email, no need to relocate for you ;).

To anyone who is still visiting us at the moment, thank you for supporting “local” at the moment. We highly appreciate your business and are very proud to be part of such a strong, wise and caring community. Let´s keep growing and looking out for each other in these challenging times.

Last but not least – to anyone who is working in the health sector or supporting people in any other way, THANK YOU for all your hard work at the moment. We see you, we hear you, we highly appreciate you!

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