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Hair Extensions Starter Guide: Everything you need to know

Hair Extensions became a big part of our salon life here in our Lazarou City Centre salon, Duke Street. In a row of blog post entries we will try and provide you with more information about our popular hair extension service. Is there anything we left out? Or would you like to share feedback with us regarding our extension service? Reach out to us via and help us provide the best hair extensions in Cardiff.

You are playing with the idea of embarking on your hair extension journey? We are all here for it! Hair extensions are incredibly versatile, transforming short or thinning hair into long, volumous locks for that special occasion or everyday wear. But what is there to know? We have consulted our in-house extension technicians and prepared a guide for you with some of your FAQs:

Q#1: How long does it take to have my hair extensions fitted from start to finish?

Q#2: What are the best hair extensions for me?

Q#3: What kind of hair do you use in the salon?

Q#4: How much do hair extensions cost?

Q#5: How long do extensions last?

Q#6: Once fitted, how do I take care of my extensions?

Q#7: How do I style my extensions? Can I use heat on my extensions?


Q#1: How long does it take to have my hair extensions fitted from start to finish?

Your entire hair extension journey takes roughly 3 appointments consisting of (1) your initial consultation, (2) the actual fitting appointment and (3) the extension maintenance/aftercare appointment.

Q#2: What are the best hair extensions for me? (How do I

How do I choose the right type of extensions for my hair?)

Before visiting our salon consider the aesthetics you would like to achieve (i.e your ideal hair look), the time and effort you are prepared to invest in maintaining your extensions and consider how active your lifestyle is. Based on these elements you and our extension technician will then - during your initial hair extension consultation - discuss the most appropriate hair extensions that correspond with your desired look and match your degree of maintenance and lifestyle.

In our salon we currently specialise in tape and nano extensions.

We have a pool of over 200 colour shades to choose from plus all our extension technicians also are colourists, allowing us to colour match your extensions to your natural or desired hair colour shade.

Q#3: What kind of hair do you use in your salon?

We use 100% human remy hair, which is double-drawn. Let’s dive into the terminology further:

What is remy hair?

Remy hair is considered the finest quality of human hair: The cuticles are kept intact which allows our technicians to align the hair cuticle in the hairs natural direction achieving a natural look and feel of the extensions.

What is the difference between single-drawn and double-drawn extensions?

Extensions are strands of hair sewn into wefts. Single-drawn extensions are thicker on the top and thin out towards the end.

Double drawn extensions are fuller, all hair is nearly the same length and the same thickness from the root to the tip of the extension strand to achieve a full, volumous body of hair.

Q#4: How much do hair extensions cost?

Our extension service is unique to every client as we adept the extensions to fit your natural hair and lifestyle. The pricing reflects that and depends on the amount of hair extensions we will order for you, the time it takes to fit them and the colour matching.

To have a better understanding of our pricing structure, please see a pricing example here.

Q#5: How long do extensions last?

Our double-drawn remy hair extensions have a life-span of up to 12-18 months depending on the appropriate aftercare and maintenance.

The right aftercare is as much a commitment of our technician to fit your extensions with utmost care and expertise as well as your commitment to look after them outside the salon.

Q#6: Once fitted, how do I take care of my extensions?

There are three golden rules when it comes to keeping your extensions happy:

Brush, brush, brush. In order to ensure the longevity of your extensions, make sure you brush them regularly to avoid any tangling.

The braid, your good night ritual. Try and get into the habit of braiding your hair or wearing your hair in a low ponytail to – again – avoid tangling.

Sulphate-free shampoo, your new BFF. Once your extensions are fitted, swap to salon-grade sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner. The formula will clean your hair thoroughly while maintaining your extensions’ quality and colour.

During your initial consultation and throughout your fitting appointment our extension technicians will talk you through all further necessary aftercare and maintenance steps. You will be equipped with a take-home leaflet to remind you of all there is to know plus an extension aftercare-kit consisting of sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner.

Q#7: How do I style my hair extensions? Can I use heat on my extensions?

As we use 100% human remy hair extensions, you can style your extensions the same way as your natural hair and use heated styling tools - we always recommend to use heat protection!

Did we miss any relevant questions? Email us via or call our team via 02920221000.

To show you what is possible, here are some of our favourite before & after hair extension transformations:

The key to hair extensions? Make them yours! From added length, volume or colourful highlights for that special occasion or everyday wear, the choice is yours and we are here to help!

So let’s discover your next hairstyle:

Book your free consultation with one of our extensions technicians here or would you like to know more about our Extension service? For more information please head to our website: Extensions Cardiff City Centre | Lazarou Duke Street

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