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Celebrity Hair by Lazarou

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

Years of being in the business taught us how to stay on top of trends while maintaining high quality cuts, styles and treatments. This approach helped us to attract some #famousfaces and made our styles "celebrity-proof" - here are some of our favorite star drop-ins of the past:

Scheiffer Bates

Scheiffer Bates is sitting in the salon chair after having his hair cut by Andreas Lazarou in Lazarou Duke Street hair salon and barbershop.
The legendary YouTube star having his hair cut with Andreas Lazarou.

Gethin Jenkins

Gethin Jenkins standing in Lazarou Talbot Green barbershop after having his hair cut by Adam Lazarou, who is standing next to him.
Top man Gethin Jenkins happy with his haircut by Adam Lazarou.

Brian McFadden

Brian McFadden standing in a Lazarou branch after having a treatment done, next to him Adam Lazarou.
Singer, songwriter, presenter - the talented Brian McFadden looking fine after the Lazarou treatment.

Jacob Botica

Jacob Botica from Newport Gwent dragons standing in Lazarou Duke Street barbershop next to his barber after having his hair cut.
Jacob Botica Newport Gwent dragons popped in for a haircut.

Nick Servini

Nick Servini, BBC Wales, is standing in Lazarou Duke Street barbershop (opposite Cardiff Castle) next to Adam Lazarou after having his hair cut.
Pleasure to catch up with Nick Servini, BBC Wales presenter - a loyal customer for many years.

Malcom Marx

Malcom Marx standing in Lazarou Duke Street barbershop next to barber after having his hair cut.
Great to see Springbok Malcom Marx in our Duke Street store.

Here is why we love working with and for celebrities:

1. They are humans, just like you and us.

No matter our clients´status, we make sure to provide everyone with the same level of expertise and care.

2. Rushing from one appointment to the next, means having little time at their hand.

No matter how long the time slot, we always make sure to provide the best experience and highest quality cut for every single one of our clients.

3. We share our passions.

They and we live for what we are doing. We spent hours on improving our skills to perform our best.

Want your hair styled like the rich and famous? Come on in, we´d love to see you.

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