Lazarou has qualified many barbers every year for 53 years. Our results-driven training approach is proven and entirely hands-on. This means you won’t be spending all your time in books studying theory.

Our pro educators will be at your side at all times to supervise, build confidence, progress your skill level and deliver exceptional results. Classes are between 6 to 9 students, with students of all ages and both genders. 


You will graduate cutting hair at a premium standard well above the NVQ level so that you can work immediately in a shop upon graduation. You will execute advanced hair styles outside of an NVQ2 standard, like zero-fades and razor touch-ups.


Full Time: 9 weeks, specific dates TBA. For more information email
Part Time: 28 weeks, specific dates TBA. For more information email


Price: £ 2999 +VAT



  • VTCT Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Barbering


This complete barbering course includes:

  • Cutting techniques: classic and creative
  • Scissor work: scissor over comb, texturising, layering and building the structure of a haircut
  • Clipper work: 2-back and sides, clipper over comb
  • Fading: zero-fades, 1-fades, 1.5-fades
  • Razor touch ups
  • Beard and moustache trimming
  • Advanced disconnected haircuts
  • Style and finishing techniques
  • Shampooing and conditioning the hair and scalp
  • Consultation skills
  • Health & Safety


Course structure:

  1. Stage - learn cutting techniques on training headblocks and watch expert demos; deconstruct the steps of haircuts.
    You will complete stage 1 upon a theoretical coursework and exams.
  2. Stage - transition haircuts from headblocks onto real live clients with a focus on techniques such as scissor-over-comb, clipper work, fading, layering and texturising; teacher support with common mistakes and challenges.
    At this stage you will be assessed on your haircuts to be completed to standards sufficient to earn your NVQ Level 2 qualification.
  3. Stage - become proficient in haircuts, learn tricks of the trade, and personalise haircuts; teacher support with refining cutting techniques; focus on finishing and cutting speed.
    You will be assessed on the overall quality of your haircuts that must be passed to an LSB standard. For the daytime course, at the end of week 9 you will participate in a class fade competition where you will present your best haircut against